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ok, lover…i need your help. as some of you know, i am being forced out of my home of 10 years by property developers that are turning it into fancy condos. i have found a new apartment, but in order for me to move in it requires some repairs that are more expensive than i anticipated. moving is just really expensive in general and i am having to use all of my savings to make this happen. therefore, i am bringing back the DRAG SAVES LIVES t-shirt for a very limited PRE-SALE order to raise funds. in order for this to work i need to sell 100 t-shirts in 2 weeks, otherwise i will have to cancel the order. can we do it?

i feel much more comfortable putting this awesome message out into the world than directly asking for money, so if you are able to support while being a walking billboard i will love you forever. t-shirts are 25€ plus shipping. please visit to place your pre-order now. i will be taking orders for 2 weeks, then will be printing the shirts, then shipping. it will take at least 2 months to receive your package. thank you so much for your support!

DRAG SAVES LIVES. Eco-screenprint on 100% cotton in sizes S-3XL. Proceeds directly support local drag performers and help keep a scene alive in Berlin. Drag has saved me, what about you?

Our shows have been forced to close for the foreseeable future while Germany is on quarantine. This puts many performers and artists in financial danger with no unemployment security. Most of us are non-EU immigrants and are not eligible for state support in this weird time. Proceeds from the sale of this shirt will keep us alive until we can get back on stage. My goal is to be able to continue to pay my performers the fees from the cancelled shows. Addtionally, I want to be able to provide our home Monster Ronson's with a donation to help them survive as well. Thank you!

20€ plus shipping fees. Please allow 4-5 weeks for orders shipping outside of Germany.

SIZING: (image in picture is a Large)
width x length in cm

S: 45.7 x 71.1
M: 50.8 x 73.6
L: 55.8 x 76.2
XL: 60.9 x 78.1
XXL: 66 x 81.2
XXXL: 71.1 x 83.8